Togo, a West African nation on the Gulf of Guinea, is known for its palm-lined beaches and hilltop villages. Without doubt a great introduction to Africa.
The Togolese Republic is a country, bordered by Ghana to the west, Benin to the east and Burkina Faso to the north. The country extends south to the Gulf of Guinea.
Discover Togo, and you would certainly have a memorable picture about the continent of Africa.
Newspapers are gradually losing their appeal to the reading public due to the availability of alternative sources of news such as the internet.
We are therefore positioning ourselves to educate and inform the world about Togo, with the formation of the online news portal.
Established by Africa Eye, The Togo world is therefore to promote good relations among African countries as a prerequisite for inter-Africa trade. We believe that trade and investments among countries are the easiest ways to improve economic activities.
In many ways, Togo  is an admirable story of Africa. A land of peace and hospitable citizens.
Upon taking the oath of office in 2005, president Faure Gnassingbé has   worked towards the development for the common good, peace, and national unity of the republic of  Togo.
The country has enjoyed stability under his leadership, due to Faure’s efforts of strengthening democracy and good governance.
 At the difficult times of the Covid-19, the Togo President sets an exemplary humanitarian initiative by setting up a social safety net scheme called “Novissi”. This means solidarity in local dialect, and is an unconditional cash transfer scheme designed to support all Togolese informal workers whose incomes are disrupted by the Covid-19 response. Including waiving water and electricity charges for the most vulnerable segment of the populace.
The formation of Togo World     is set to contribute to professional journalism by working with stakeholders to write and submit news stories and feature articles, to promote the country to the outside world.
The news stories and articles to be published will cover topics such as; business and finance, agriculture, tourism, education, climate change, sports and politics.  Visit Togo     , and enjoy the real rhythm of Africa.
We welcome all our cherished readers and other patrons around the world to stay current with the good news about Togo, by reading the Togo world.