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The President of Togo, Faure Gnassingbe, has become the latest high profile African to receive the prestigious Humanity Award in Lome, for his outstanding contribution to the promotion of international peace and security.

The Humanity Award, an initiative of Humanity Magazine International, is routinely conferred on individuals who have distinguished themselves in public and private spheres of life.
President Gnassingbe is also being celebrated for strengthening bilateral relations between Togo and Ghana and promoting good governance.
The CEO of Humanity Magazine International, Mr. Yahaya Alhassan, considers Togo to be Ghana’s best neighbor and friend in the sub-region and the current Togolese leader deserves commendation for building on the foundations laid by past leaders of both countries.
“This award is equally to remind Ghanaians that Ghana is surrounded by French-speaking countries, which makes it imperative for Ghanaians to learn and speak the French language”. 
The Humanity Magazine International campaigns for humanitarian endeavors, international relations, security and business development among African countries to create employment opportunities for the youth.
The Magazine also aims at promoting quality leadership by recognizing the achievements of managers of public and private institutions, to serve as shining examples for other managers to emulate.
A citation accompanying the award reads “In respect of your promotion of bilateral relations between Togo and Ghana, and championing of international peace and security in our West African region, the Board of Governors of the Humanity Magazine International, has, after careful deliberations, decided to confer on you the Excellence Award for Intelligent Leadership”.
It further reads “like father, like son, over the years Your Excellency has been a worthy neighbor to Ghana and has found that there is no better friend or neighbor than Ghana. You have cherished and campaigned for the Togo-Ghana friendship’’.
On peace front, the promotion of international peace and security has always been a cause dearer and nearer to your humble heart. You have shuttled around Africa by air, road and sea to make the region a better place”.
May the Good Lord enrich all your wishes for the continent we all love. Africa profoundly appreciates H.E President Faure Gnassingbe”.

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